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Expert Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A carpet – whether placed in a home or an office – is walked upon by people numerous times a day. It is one of the most used décor accessories for the indoors. Thus it has to absorb dirt, dust, grime, pollen, bacteria, molds, and every other type of contaminants you can name. A carpet requires high maintenance. It is indeed challenging to clean a carpet. A lot of people prefer replacing their carpets once they start looking dirty. 

But as such there is no need to throw your carpets away. Here are a few tried and tested tips to clean carpets easily. These tips are also easy to implement. If you apply these tips investing a little time, effort, and enthusiasm you can easily extend the life of any carpet as well as enhance its beauty and appeal.

Easy and effective carpet cleaning tips

First of all, it is important investing in a quality vacuum cleaner 

The most crucial role in cleaning carpets is played by vacuum cleaners. Therefore the first and foremost thing to do is invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. When you have a top class, powerful vacuum cleaner in your possession it is easy to keep your carpets clean from dust and dirt. Unfortunately, a section of homemakers thinks sweeping a carpet with a broom is sufficient to clean the accumulated dust and dirt. But that is never the case in real life anyhow. Trained and experienced commercial carpet cleaning professionals explain that removing dirt that remains stuck between the carpet fibers is practically impossible with a broom. A powerful vacuum is the best device to accomplish the task. A powerful vacuum cleaner invariably sucks up the tiniest speck of dirt that remains stuck between the fibres of any carpet. Moreover high suction of a vacuum cleaner also absorbs hard objects like food crumbs, debris, and nails. A water filter vacuum is a good choice to clean carpets at home DIY. The range of gadgets makes use of water to filter out dirt. In the process, harmful bacteria and other contaminants to get removed from your carpet. Water filter vacuums are also capable to absorb spills.

Select the right materials to make your task easier

Carpet cleaning businesses select the right tools and equipment necessary for their job. In addition to that, they also invest in the right kind of carpet cleaning products to ensure deeper cleaning of carpets. While choosing any carpet cleaning product there are a lot of things that you need to take into account. The first and foremost thing is to ensure the product should not damage the carpet fabric. It is also important to ensure the carpet that is cleaned should not undergo any discoloration. The cleaning product that you choose carefully should perform the cleaning. In fact, any right carpet cleaning product is actually a balance between its disinfecting and cleaning capacities. In other words, the product should clean your carpets as well as sanitise those. It is also important to avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean your carpets. These commercially manufactured products are highly toxic. The products can lead you to allergies. Harsh chemicals also affect the texture of carpet fibres. You should first test a carpet cleaning product before using it. Apply a tiny amount of the product to an inconspicuous portion of the carpet and leave it for someone. If there is no colour bleeding or any other damage to the carpet then you know the product is safe to use.

Run the vacuum before steam cleaning

Trained and skilled professionals working at the 4 Seasons Carpet Cleaning in London point out that a carpet steam cleaner is not exactly a vacuum cleaner. When steam cleaning carpets is concerned then you have to perform regular vacuuming beforehand. Else you only push the accumulated dust and dirt deeper into the carpet fibers with only steam cleaning.  You should never soak the carpet in water to remove dirt and dust. Rather select an area on your carpet and spray water and detergent across that area. Then rinse it and allow it to dry. A carpet takes at least 12 hours to get properly dried. Till that time you should not allow any foot traffic on it. High-traffic zones of a carpet must be pre-treated before actual washing. Hot water and any mild detergent are the best combinations for this pre-treatment.    

Spot clean areas with a gentle touch

As far as carpets are concerned do you know that a spot can easily turn into a stain if it is left ignored and untreated? Coffee and oil spills are most damaging to carpets. Therefore for these types of spills, you must swing into action immediately without any delay. But most other spills require only a soft treatment using soda water. Your other option to sort out spills is a diluted vinegar solution. While working on a spill, always stick to this simple technique, blot the affected area with a clean piece of cloth or fresh paper towels. You should always blot from outside to inside and never the opposite. Once the blotter soaks the spill you must replace it with another blotter immediately. 

Some of the easy and most effective carpet-cleaning tips have been discussed in the paragraphs above. Commercial carpet cleaning prices have gone quite steep. These DIY tips are bound to prove helpful in ways more than one. But if these tips do not prove fruitful it is better to hire professional carpet cleaners near you. Professional carpet cleaners are well aware about both carpet cleaning methods and products. As a result their effort invariably boosts fresh life and beauty to any carpet they handle. They will even return your carpet deodorised and sanitised. Thus your home is cleaner, fresher and free from many potential health hazards.


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