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Home Tips and Tricks: 5 Best budget home ideas for new homeowners!

Owning a new home is exciting, to say the least, but it’s also pretty scary since there are tons of things you need to ‘get done’ before you can proudly and comfortably say it’s your “home”. When moving into a new house, it’s almost always bare and lacks essential features.

Plus there’s also the moving, arranging, and settling of things but to make your move into your new home easier we ought to help you in the little ways we can! We’ll be helping you out with necessary and useful home ideas that’ll elevate your home without breaking the bank!

Adding features to your home can make it more personalised and at the same time give it style. Plus most home features are also convenient and make your home more functional and efficient. So without further ado, here are great and affordable home ideas for new homeowners:

1 – Thrift for home decor!

To add definition and style to your home, decorative pieces help so much! Whether it’s sitting on your shelves, placed in the middle of your coffee table, on your kitchen counter or even on your nightstand. These little details can pull together a room’s whole vibe. 

But one thing about decorative home pieces is that they’re almost always so expensive, especially if you get them at malls, boutiques, and so on. A cost-efficient way to add decorative pieces to your home is to thrift for them!

Not only is thrifting cost-efficient, but it’s also sustainable since you’re recycling used items and putting them to use. Plus thrifting can get you unique pieces that you won’t be able to find in any mall or shop around the area!

And if you want to repaint them or refurbish them, it won’t hurt so bad if things don’t go as planned.

2 – Wallpaper is your best friend

Walls take up a good portion of your space and contribute (a whole lot) to its overall mood. That’s why it’s essential to consider your walls and even ceilings when elevating your home. If you want to completely change the mood of any space, you should consider using your walls AS DECORATION. 

A great budget-friendly way to turn your walls into decoration is through the use of wallpapers. These are much cheaper than painting your walls and are less messy and easier to do. Plus with wallpaper, you get to go crazy with the designs. 

Decorative walls add staples to the space and bring the whole mood and theme together.

3 – Good lighting is key!

If you ever wonder why most room inspirations look so good on Pinterest? That’s because of good lighting. With good lighting, you can easily elevate any room whether it’s a lamp, ceiling light, hanging lights, and so on.

Or if the room you’re revamping has a window, make use of its natural light! Consider sheer curtains or ones you can easily tie up during the day. And for light fixtures, there are tons of lamps, string lights, hanging lights, and so on in thrift shops and even online for very reasonable prices.

4 – Consider hanging shelves/cabinets

A great way to store your things without having to spend on a new cabinet is hanging shelves/cabinets. This storage type can save you more floor room and are cuter, near, and cheaper than big and bulky cabinets.

Plus these are easy to install and fun to decorate. You can either buy ready-made ones on the Internet or make some of your own!

5 – Consider professional home builders

But if you’re someone who’s busy or isn’t cut out for DIYs, that’s okay! Leave it up to the experts to do their thing and help you elevate your home. In turn, this will save you money by preventing you from sending a lot on failed projects.

And professional builders will have the best deals in the market since they already have connections in place. So no need to worry about scouting for affordable paint, good quality wood, and so on. 

This is also time-efficient since luxury home builders can elevate your home within a matter of days or weeks depending on the size of the room and the request of the client. So you can have a beautiful home in no time!


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