Common Myths You Didn’t Know About Biometric Payment Cards

Ever since Apple introduced its first-ever Touch ID in iOS devices back in 2013, the world has become a fan of this technology and it’s now being used in almost every device as a form of identification and authentication. From offices to allow access to their employees to automobiles to identify their rightful owners and more, fingerprint or biometric authentication technology has made way to almost every part of our lives. Similarly, it is also used in credit and debit cards, allowing the cards to make payments without even using PIN, instead identifying the owner through biometrics. While it is still in its growing stage, there are many myths that you can hear about touch-free payment technology. Some of these myths we are going to discuss here.

Myth -1: Anyone can duplicate your finger

Have you ever seen in the old movies where the characters will use glue or other things to replicate the fingerprints of an individual and then use it to get access to a restricted premise? If you have been wondering if this is true and anyone can cheat the technology, then you’re wrong because the latest biometric contact smart cards cannot be fooled by a 2D replication of your fingerprint. So don’t think that anyone can cheat the technology using the outlines of your fingerprints, which may be scanned from a glass or something you might have touched recently. The trick doesn’t work in real life.

Myth – Card Maker Will Share My Fingerprint Details

It is true that the makers of touch-free payment cards will register every user along with all the details like personal details, contact information, and biometrics. However, the details are highly confidential and the fingerprint data will be only registered in the highly secure database of the card, which means not even the bank will have access to the biometric details. This is to confirm that the information remains safe, regardless of the situation. All the biometric authentication details are securely captured onto your card and nothing goes outside. Even if you make the payment, no information is shared with any party but only remains with the cardholder inside the contactless smart card.

Myth – Government Is Using It To Spy On Us

This can be one of the foolish myths that people may have about the latest technology, but the fact is that it is very common among people who are new to it. Unlike the myth, the fact is that biometric authentication is simply a more convenient and advanced way to make payments. At the same time, it makes it less likely to be a victim of fraud as there is no need to provide a PIN at the payment terminal. Simply tap the card on the machine and payment is made. There is no need to share sensitive data with anyone when you use the card. The card will protect your biometrics data, which is securely stored inside the biometric fingerprint card.

Myth – Anyone Can Chop Off My Fingers And Use them To Authenticate Card Payments

Just like point no. 1, many people will believe that a thief or any other attacker can chop off the fingers to get access to the card and then use it to make payments. However, this is just like another fairy tale. Do you know that Apple devices can make a difference between the fingerprints of a living and non-living user? Yes, the technology is smart enough to make a difference. So even if someone chops off your fingers, it will be useless because the card will not authenticate the payments. In addition, the card can be blocked in a few minutes so there is nothing to worry about regarding the data, so there’s no point in imagining such an extreme scenario.

Myth – Anyone Can Download The Data From My Card

Did someone just tell you that he or she has a card reader available on the laptop and can easily download all the data from a card, including memory cards and even biometric authentication cards? If yes, then it’s a complete myth as touch-free payment cards are highly advanced and backed with encrypted technology, making all the details completely safe. Even an expert with the skills to hack the data cannot download the data. When you have lost the card, simply call your bank and ask to block the card to avoid any kind of hassle later.

Myth – I need to change my card when my fingerprints will change

Even if you have not studied science or the Anatomy of the human body, you would know that fingerprints change after some time. This means, your fingerprints will not be the same as they are today. The reason is that our skin loses elasticity with age. But don’t worry as the technology is smart enough to track the difference and map the changes in your fingerprint. Additionally, you can also choose to register multiple fingerprints in case the first fails.  Whatever the case, you can be sure that the fingerprint and other biometric details will remain safe with the card.

Myth – It Will Take Time To Become Famous As These Cards Don’t Work With the Current POS

It is a fact that this is a relatively new technology, but it’s not true that shop owners will have to change their current POS systems to start accepting payments. The fact is that contactless smart cards work with all existing terminals, which means you don’t need to worry about whether your purchase will go through. Remember, the cards are new, but the payment method is still the same.

Now that we have busted the common myths related to biometric authentication and its uses in touch-free payment cards, take the right step and become a part of the revolution. The future of payments is with touch-free payment technology. It helps save a lot of your time as well as ensures the safety of your biometrics.


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