15 Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

Crafty entrepreneurs looking for profitable seasonal business opportunities should consider making holiday crafts to sell. During the holiday season, there is substantial demand for unique Christmas gifts, including handmade crafts. Do you need inspiration for handmade items to make and sell this holiday season? Read on to learn about some of the best-selling Christmas craft ideas.

Top Advantages of Selling Christmas Crafts

Making DIY Christmas decorations and other holiday-themed gifts and home decor can be an advantageous pursuit for both skilled artisans and entrepreneurs willing to learn. A few of the benefits of selling Christmas crafts include:

Seasonal business opportunity – While you can sell Christmas crafts all year long, the business also presents an ideal opportunity to start a successful seasonal business during the holiday season, leaving the rest of the year for other pursuits.

High demand – Christmas crafts are in high demand during the holiday shopping season, so it’s no challenge to find plenty of customers.

Passion to profit – Not only can craftspeople turn their favorite hobbies into thriving small businesses by selling Christmas creations, but that hobby also is a great way to earn extra money from a side gig.

Independence – By making and selling crafts during the holidays, artisans are launching their own businesses where they get to be their own bosses.

Scalability – It’s easy to start to make and sell Christmas crafts on a small scale, displaying merchandise at local craft fairs, for example. With success, however, entrepreneurs can expand their businesses and sell their Christmas craft items at other local venues and through a variety of online marketplaces. 

Christmas Craft Ideas to Sell in 2022

Need ideas for the best holiday home decor, DIY Christmas gifts, and other Christmas crafts to sell? You’re only limited by the available supplies and your imagination. Of course, you can also gain inspiration from some of the best Christmas crafts like the following:

1. Christmas Ornaments

Easy Christmas crafts like homemade ornaments are some of the most popular handmade holiday goods to make and sell. From embroidery hoop ornaments to handpainted glass balls, Christmas ornaments are sure to be top sellers for customers looking to buy holiday gifts and small business owners seeking profitable crafts to create.

2. Mini Christmas Trees

Practically everyone wants a Christmas tree in their home or office, but so many people simply don’t have the space to display large and bulky decor. Mini Christmas trees can be made from pine cones, garland or even felt, and they’re a great idea for those making Christmas crafts to sell.

3. Handmade Christmas Clothes

From ugly Christmas sweater parties to holiday-themed costume balls, plenty of consumers are looking to buy unique Christmas clothes during the holiday season. If you can knit or sew, you can create handmade Christmas clothes as a fun Christmas craft to make and sell.

4. Christmas Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love receiving a holiday gift basket? If you plan on selling DIY Christmas gifts, and you aren’t a skilled craftsperson (or even if you are), gift baskets are a profitable item that is also one of the simplest Christmas crafts to make and sell. Just buy baskets, decorations,s and plenty of goodies, then assemble!

5. Holiday Wall Art

Are you a skilled artist? Holiday wall art creations are also popular Christmas crafts to make and sell. From religious-themed Nativity scenes to sleighing Santas or lovely snowscapes, the possibilities for Christmas art are practically endless. All you need is some canvas, craft paint, brushes, and a little bit of imagination.

6. Christmas Candles

Candles are popular all year in the craft business, but holiday candles are especially popular as Christmas gifts, making them some of the best Christmas crafts to make and sell. Choose festive colors and scents like pine or gingerbread that get everyone in the holiday spirit. Don’t forget holiday-themed decorations like holly and bows.

7. Handmade Christmas Stockings

What says “Christmas season” better than holiday stockings? Not only are handmade Christmas stockings some of the best DIY Christmas crafts, but they are some of the easiest to make. You’ll need material and basic sewing skills, but once assembled you even can decorate your DIY crafts using a hot glue gun.

8. Christmas Soap

Entrepreneurs seeking selling ideas for Christmas crafts should consider making Christmas soap. With a basic shea butter soap base and some essential oils, you can make soaps for holiday shoppers to give as gifts. Choose holiday-themed colors and scents to ensure profitable Christmas crafts to make and sell.

9. Holiday Centerpieces

Holiday centerpieces are in high demand at Christmas time, but they also can be an expensive purchase. You can make handmade centerpieces for customers to display at Christmas, and if you save money on supplies you can sell them for less than the average manufactured option while still making a healthy profit.

10. Unique Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a holiday tradition many are unwilling to skip, but many holiday shoppers find their choices grow monotonous in the passing years. Therefore, handmade Christmas cards are another fun idea for Christmas crafts to sell as these creations offer consumers variety and originality. More Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

Looking for more profitable Christmas crafts ideas? Whether you hope to create wooden Christmas crafts or easy DIY crafts to sell during the holidays, you can’t go wrong by creating some of the most popular Christmas crafts, including:

11. Handmade Advent Calendars

Handmade advent calendars are another example of easy Christmas crafts to make and sell. Popular among kids of all ages, the calendars count down the days until Christmas. Try creating individual works of art with cutouts or a wooden shelf with boxes to fit various gifts.

12. Holiday Garland

People around the world decorate for Christmas with colorful strings of garland. Garland is another great craft idea, and it can be made from materials like ribbon, greenery, tinsel, or even Christmas ornaments.

13. Homemade Christmas Wreaths

Looking for great ideas for Christmas crafts to make and sell? Holiday wreaths can be hung on doors, windows, walls, or even fences to showcase the Christmas spirit. Try making traditional wreaths from greenery and pine cones or unique homemade Christmas wreaths from sheet music or Christmas ornaments.

14. Printable Holiday Gift Tags

You don’t have to consider yourself “crafty” in the traditional sense to start a business selling Christmas crafts. If you have a home computer and some basic software, you can design and sell printables, offering items like holiday gift tag templates on a website or in an Etsy store.

15. Painted Mason Jars

In search of your next Christmas craft to make and sell? You could spend hours searching through Pinterest Christmas crafts, or you could get some inexpensive mason jars at your local discount store and paint them with holiday colors. Add a ribbon around the top, and you’ve made creative Christmas crafts that are sure to sell.


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